Welcome to the Pathologic Myopia Challenge! PALM is organized as a half day Challenge, a Satellite Event of the ISBI 2019 conference in Venice, Italy.

The PALM challenge focuses on the investigation and development of algorithms associated with the diagnosis of Pathological Myopia (PM) and segmentation of lesions in fundus photos from PM patients. The goal of the challenge is to evaluate and compare automated algorithms for the detection of pathological myopia on a common dataset of retinal fundus images. We invite the medical image analysis community to participate by developing and testing existing and novel automated fundus classification and segmentation methods.

Thanks for your interest and patience. PALM challenge, as a part of the serial challenge iChallenge, opens to the public on Dec 28 2018. Training data of the 1st classification task will be released on a new platform in early Jan 2019, for better management, including 1) automatic performance evaluation;    2) better communication between organizers and participants; 3) higher download speed for participants around the world; 4) other benefits.

Please don't mind if your participation request is not approved on this platform, we will batch process the request before data releasing.

Related RULES are copied as below for your reference.

  • Anonymous registration is NOT allowed. All information entered when registering a team, including the (TRUE) Name of the contact person, the Affiliation (including department, full name of university/institute/company, country) and the E-mail address must be COMPLETE and CORRECT.
  • Incomplete registrations will be removed without notice.
  • Redundant registrations will be removed without notice.

How to Participate?

If you want to participate in the challenge, you can register at the website, download the training and test data, submit the results, provided you agree with the rules of the challenge.

Please contact the organizers if you have any questions. 

Important Dates

Oct 01 2018: Registration opens.
Dec 28 2018: PALM website opens --  we are moving to another platform for better organization in Early Jan 2019.
Jan 01 2019:  Training images for 1st classification task are released.

Jan 10 2019

ONLINE & ONSITE iChallenges moved to http://ichallenge.baidu.com or http://eye.baidu.com for better user experience, please visit and try :)

Jan 30 2019:  Annotations (for other tasks) of the Training set are released.
Jan 30 2019: Off-site validation set is released.
Feb xx 2019: Submissions of results on Off-site validation set are opened.
- A team must be registered through email and got approval before able to
  submit the results to get a score on leaderboard
Mar xx 2019: Off-site validation set results submission deadline.
Mar xx 2019: Paper (technical report) SUBMISSION (draft manuscript submission which can be updated by Apr xx) deadline.
-- This is to issue the invitation letters to whom needs an invitation for travel approval.
Mar xx 2019: Camera-ready technical report SUBMISSION deadline.
Apr xx 2019: On-site PALM in conjunction with ISBI 2019.


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